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DATES → 30 November 2013 to 31 December 2013.
VENUE → Union of Greek Youth of Georgia, Kiev Str. 8, Tbilisi. Phone: +995599115565
VISITING HOURS → 12:00 to 17:00 – daily.
OPENING → 30 November 2013, 18:00 – 3rd Floor Exhibition Space.
CURATORS → Mrs. Evgenia Kotanidi, Mr. Gregory Frangos, Mr. Kikos Papadopoulos.
CONTACT THE CURATORS → info@santorinibiennale.gr

«Design a Wish for Greece» Pan-Georgian competition for students up to 17 y.o. under the Aegis of the Union of Greek Youth of Georgia. The project has been ideated and it is managed by the President of U.G.Y.G. Mrs. Evgenia Kotanidi.

DATES → 10 January 2014 to 10 February 2014
VENUE → details to come …
OPENING → details to come …
CURATORS → details to come …

DATES → 01 February 2014 to 02 March 2014
VENUE → details to come …
OPENING → details to come …
CURATORS → details to come …

CITY → other 22 cities to come …
DATES → 20 January 2014 to 05 October 2014
VENUE → details to come …
OPENING → details to come …
CURATORS → details to come …


Political-economical scandals, poverty, decreased living standards, poor and bad quality state services, damaged social psychology, suicides due to financial problems, violent manifestations, tax evasion cases and political instability are some of the elements the world community knows about modern Greece, almost those are the main elements the global press used to feature Greece the latest years. Even if all these situations are happening everywhere, Greece became the “dancing floor” of them. Does anyone know why? It is difficult to give a proper answer.

Modern Greece is a country of great artists, poets, writers, dreamers and intellectuals! Modern Greece is a small country on the map but very big in our heart and minds; about 11.000 archeological sites and monuments, more than 2000 cultural associations and art clubs, about 200 museums and more than 5000 artists across the country.

Modern Greece organises about 70 artistic and cultural festivals each year. Modern Greece conserved more than 350 old and traditional dances. Modern Greece has about 800 theatrical, musical and dance groups. 500 theatrical performances in 200 theaters took place only in Athens during 2012!

Modern Greece has more than 450 mass media including newspapers, periodicals, radio stations and TV channels. Modern Greece has a unique and rare flora & fauna. Modern Greece has more than 6 alive language idioms. Modern Greece has a unique culinary culture conserving more than 1000 traditional recipes into 8 different gastronomic cultures.

From Corfu to Megisti island and from north Evros region to southern Crete, Greece is a country that wants to go ahead! Greece is in debt like your country but rich in culture like your country! We artists and other professionals of the art sector know well that the message and impact the arts produces can play a significant role in changing things for the better.

The «Design a Wish for Greece» initiative has been started by Santorini Biennale and it is represented by artists of different cultures coming from various countries. The project aims to present artists’ willingness to illuminate the real and unknown yet modern Greek culture to the world and to show that behind the economic indexes that create “ideals and lifestyles” there are humans and societies that develop a pragmatic growth instead of a “clinical”!


Design a Wish for Greece is an international travelling posters exhibition featuring Greece with artworks from artists of different cultures coming from various countries.


Starting from Tbilisi in Georgia, from 30 Nov 2013 the exhibition will travel on monthly basis to Moscow, Tokyo, Mumbai, Dubai, Melbourne, Toronto, New York, Sidney, Venice, Rome, Madrid, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Montreal, Toronto, Singapore, Shanghai, London, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Amman, Prague, Athens and in Santorini island during the Santorini Biennale exhibitions as a parallel event.