The Santorini Biennale of Arts would like to invite the public on the island to engage with the work of artist Ronni Ahmmed.

Please join us on Wednesday 29 August at 19.00 to participate with the Biennale Curators in installing Ahmmed’s work ‘The Past’ in Pyrgos.

Meet us at:
Central Pyrgos Square
84700 Pyrgos


Artist Statement:
past is the most precious wealth that anyone can achieve in their lifetime. past is the self or other hand the existence. one must be alive in his or her own past or in other peoples past memories. otherwise their in no significant meaning of being alive. in my work i always consider past as a driving force. In my installation “the Past” there are hundreds of ropes cross overly attached with couple of full grown trees. these ropes are entangled with each other like an irregular spider web within a complex pattern. In this installation complex pattern of thin ropes or strings depicts the character of the past and human memory, recall and forgetting, dreams and memory, momentary laps and confusion, dejavue, emotion and intellectuality, labyrinth of oblivion etc. basically with the maze of ropes i wish to express how our memory visually works with the past. the past is like hundreds of entangled ropes.trying to hold each other in a natural process within emotion and intellect. it has delusion and multiple interpretation. which makes each past event uniquely different. Rope pattern of the installation signifies multilayer of this uniqueness.

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