Empties(ky) is a neologism standing for ky ( kyphoscoliosis peptidase ), a cythoskeleton necessary to the muscular growth of the human organism and empties standing for voids and lakings.

As for Greece and the antic myths overthrow, from the Minoan civilisation to the economic upheaval that we all knows about.

Empty Sky.

The Olympus is outkast.

Santorini, the cannibal Island, a possible Atlantis, has been sunken by it’s own Volcano is the magnificent prototype of thoses Greecs tragedies.

It’s a vernacular dialogue, a viral white on white growing on the walls and ceilings of a troglodyte habitat , composed by a single and same item demultiplied. A parasite object spreading itself to the site typology and it’s stuccoed, it’s aspirations and breathings.

Empties (ky) is composed of polystirene chips threshed along the 245 artists parcels. The installation has been ordered by the International Biennale of Santorini, in the médiéval village of Pyrgos, in the hearts of the Cyclades.

– Stéphane Malka – | Architecte, 2012






Stéphane Malka’s work is exhibited as part of the Installation exhibition of the Santorini Biennale.



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